BiBaBath adjustable

The adjustable frame allows you to customize your bibabath to your shower.

adjustable from 60-80 cm: fits in smaller showers and most quadrant showers
adjustable from 70-90 cm, is the most universal design which fits into most showers
adjustable from 80-100 cm: is intended for the wider showers and large walk in showers

The adjustable frame allows you to make optimum use of your shower and
ensures that the frame can be installed safe and stable. You can make the
frame wider or narrower as you wish in bot length as width and also the height
can be altered (the minimum height is appr 35 cms)

Also the legs can be altered individually.

You can lengthen or shorten the legs individually so that you can take into
standing cuffs in the shower.

All options are:

- Fully collapsible
- Lightweight aluminum
- Suitable for children up to 8 years
- Washable at 60 degrees
- Anti-slip
- Adjustable in length, width and height

In order to make sure that after bathing that the water can drain away, it is
that the drain of the BiBaBad is on top of the outlet of the shower
place. The bag is therefore not equipped with a drain. This you can apply
yourself on
the spot where the drain of your shower is located.


The adjustable version is available in all white or with nice print